Custom blood regulating liver soft Enamel Pins

Custom blood regulating liver soft Enamel Pins

Liver, one of the five organs. Liver soft Enamel Pins always reminds us to protect our liver. The liver, as an organ of vertebrate body, plays a major role in metabolism. It also plays an important role in the body, such as deoxidization, storage of liver sugar, synthesis of secretory protein, etc. The liver also makes bile in the digestive system. Most liver diseases have jaundice, which is accumulated in the body because the liver cannot continue to expel bilirubin. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the liver and the gall are both exterior and interior, opening the orifices to the eyes, the liver is the main reservoir of blood, the gall is the main drain, and it has the function of storing and regulating blood.

The position of the liver in the body

Most of the human liver is located in the right rib and upper abdomen, a small part is located in the left rib area, the upper boundary is in the middle line of the right clavicle, flat to the fifth rib, the upper part is close to the diaphragm, adjacent to the right lung and heart; the lower part is adjacent to the stomach, duodenum and right curvature of the colon; the rear part is in contact with the right kidney, adrenal gland and esophageal cardia, which is the largest gland of the human body, reddish brown, soft and crisp, wedge-shaped, round and blunt at the right end, and the left end Flat and thin, it can be divided into upper and lower sides, front and back edges, left and right lobes, generally weighing about 1200-1600g, accounting for about 1 / 50 of adult weight, and the liver of fetus and newborn is relatively large, up to 1 / 20 of body weight. The normal liver is reddish brown in appearance, soft and brittle. The shape of the liver is irregular wedge-shaped. The right side is blunt and thick, while the left side is narrow. Generally, the left and right diameter is about 25cm, the front and back diameter is about 15cm wide, and the upper and lower thickness is about 6cm. The upper protrusion is round and contacted with diaphragm. The lower part is flat and adjacent to stomach, duodenum, gallbladder and colon. We can put the liver soft enamel pins on a prominent position on the chest.

Function of soft enamel pins for liver

1. From the perspective of collective metabolism, it has the following functions: ① vitamin metabolism. The synthesis and storage of multivitamins, such as a, B, C, D and K, are closely related to the liver. When the liver is obviously damaged, it may be followed by vitamin A deficiency and appear night blindness or dry skin.

2. Hormone metabolism. The liver is involved in the inactivation of hormones. When the liver function is damaged for a long time, sexual hormone disorder may occur, including hyposexual desire, armpit hair, sparse or shed pubic hair, impotence, testicular atrophy, male breast development, female menstrual disorder, liver palms and spider nevus.

3. The liver participates in the water metabolism process through the action of nerves and body fluids, counteracts the antidiuretic hormone action of the posterior pituitary gland, so as to maintain the normal urine output. Liver also regulates acid-base balance and mineral metabolism, and is an important heat supply organ.

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