Custom Big Pig Enamel Pins

Custom Design Pig Pins

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The first symbolic meaning of pig Lapel Pins: fortune and wealth

In farming society, pigs and horses, cattle, sheep, chickens and dogs are “six livestock”.

If there is no pig in the family, it will not become “home”.

Pigs are also a sign of wealth.

From pig’s piggy bank, we can see that * * pigs can be full of wealth.

It is considered that the pig is a symbol of “wealth”.

The second symbolic meaning of pig enamel pins: Mild

Pig’s temperament is very gentle and lovely. If you have the pig design custom coins, you can feel the lovely pig in your hand.

It has a round appearance and a broad mind. The pig is honest and honest, and the heart is wide and fat.

Represents calmness in heart, comfort and well-being in body. It is simple and honest, and bears heavy humiliation.

In fact, the pig is an animal of great wisdom. It has no edges and corners, and does not show its strength.

To spend an ordinary life in a gentle manner can bring many benefits to people.

It also symbolizes a kind of auspicious and successful attitude towards life.

The third symbolic meaning of pig Enamel Lapel Pins: laziness

Pigs are considered a more honest animal in people’s mind.

It is not as spiritual as a dog. It can please, be loyal to and follow its master.

But the fat pig is very lazy, except for sleeping and sleeping.