Custom beautiful moth soft Enamel Pins

Custom beautiful moth soft Enamel Pins

What is more beautiful than moth’s wings? Of course, it’s our moth’s soft enamel pins. Moths, Lepidoptera insects of the class Insecta, usually move at night and like to gather in the light, so there is a saying that “moths burn themselves in the fire”. Plants provide a variety of food sources for moths when they are young. Moth larvae and adults are also one of the main food sources for birds, reptiles, amphibians and other insectivorous animals, forming an important food chain in nature. Moths can be distinguished by their antennae – no rod-shaped ends, but filaments or feathers. Most moths move at night, and their color is dim. Moth is a general term for insects close to butterflies. Both belong to Lepidoptera. When they are still, most of them spread their wings on both sides of their bodies. Their wings have eye like patterns that can frighten enemies.

Morphological characteristics of moths

Moths are small to large. Moths are small to large. The wings, bodies and appendages of adults are covered with scales, and the mouthparts are siphonic or degenerated. The pupa is a pupa, which is in the shape of a larva and chewed by a mouthpiece. Most of the eggs are round, hemispherical or oblate. The head is slightly spherical or hemispherical. The antennae of male are more developed than that of female. Except for a few lower moths, such as the little winged moth, which have upper and lower jaws, most of them are typical siphon mouthparts. That is to say, the upper jaw is completely degenerated, the upper lip is short, and the lower jaw has developed or degenerated whiskers. The lower lip only retains 3 segments of the lower lip whiskers. The main feeding organ is a siphon formed by the extension of the outer jaw leaves of the two mandibles, which extends into the flowers and sucks the nectar. Our moth soft enamel pins are of different shapes and bright colors.

Flight and survival characteristics of moths

Moths mostly move at night, and moths on enamel pins are mostly nocturnal animals, which shows that moths do not turn around lights because they love light. Moth is a siphon mouthpiece, which is specialized as a straw. Moth mainly feeds on the juice of plants. They do not go to the street lamp to prey on small flies. Human beings also rule out the possibility that moths tend to light because of food. In addition to street lights, campfires, flashlights in the wild, lights at home, candlelight and other lights will also attract moths. Moths are active at night. They rely on the moon as a guide when they explore the flight path. The moth’s eye is a compound eye composed of many single eyes. When it flies, it always makes the moonlight project into its eyes from one direction. When it bypasses an obstacle or loses its direction, as long as it turns its body to find the angle originally projected by the moonlight, it can continue to feel the direction of progress.

How can you get moth soft Enamel Pins

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