Custom beautiful ice hockey soft Enamel Pins

Custom beautiful ice hockey soft Enamel Pins

The racing ice hockey soft enamel pins is a favorite of every man. Ice hockey is a kind of ball game characterized by team and antagonism. Ice hockey is widely used in the world, mainly in the United States, Japan and South Korea, as well as Latin America and Taiwan of China. Ice hockey is also called ice hockey. Ice hockey is a variety of skating skills, combined with agile and skilled hockey skills, one of the more antagonistic collective ice sports, and also a formal event of the Winter Olympic Games. The players are wearing ice shoes and holding the ice pole to slide and fight for the ball. The ball is generally made of hard rubber, 2,54 cm thick, 7.62 cm in diameter and 156-170 g in weight. In the game, each team has six players, three forwards, two defenders and one goalkeeper. The players hit the ball into the opponent’s goal with the ice bar, and win with many players.

The origin of ice hockey development

Ice hockey originated in Canada from 1850s to 1860s. A popular ice game in Kingston, Canada, in which players tie skates with their feet and hold the earliest record of ice hockey. It can be seen in 17th century Dutch publications. Gentlemen wear skates with blades made of bone and slide on the frozen river with a round cake. In the early 19th century, there began to be records of Indiana, Canada, playing a similar game, using sticks and wooden pancakes. So ice hockey’s soft enamel pins. It’s also men’s favorite clothing accessories.

Design of soft enamel pins for ice hockey

In the snow covered sky, put down the burden of work, and give our ideas to our team. Among all kinds of ice hockey soft enamel pins full of interest, you can better understand us. We make delicate soft enamel pins. On the wearing of ice hockey soft enamel pins, everyone is their own controller. We are serious about our own positioning and your requirements Yes. In the cold and hot competition, we put our whole heart into it. When you run to your heart’s content, when you inspire the players, when you discuss the tactics with everyone, in fact, we are creating a soft enamel pin for you, which belongs to you. These ice hockey soft enamel pins are indispensable for professional ice hockey leagues. The purpose is to enhance the appreciation of the game with “Violence Aesthetics”.

Want a soft enamel ice hockey pins?

If you like ice hockey, please come to our company for customization. Our soft enamel pins are all carefully designed by the designer, so they are of high quality and can be kept forever. In the same way, we can customize the soft enamel pins of other styles in our factory, and the price is also very favorable. We have made all kinds of metal soft enamel pins for World Championships and national championships many times, so we deserve your trust.