Custom beautiful flower Enamel Pins

Custom beautiful flower Enamel Pins

Let life full of hope flower enamel pins, will give you a different life. Flowers refer to flowers that have already opened. It mainly refers to the petal part, which is bright and beautiful; it symbolizes beauty, purity and full of hope. Flowers, with its bright colors, graceful posture and fragrant air as its characteristics, attract people. Flower is actually a shortened abnormal branch. The structure of petals is the same as that of leaves, which can be divided into three parts: epidermis, basic parenchyma and vascular bundle. The epidermis of petals mostly has protuberances, hairy bodies and stomata, and the cuticle on the surface often presents wrinkled stripes.

Why do flowers change color?

We can’t get all kinds of flowers, but we can make flower enamel pins. It is a necessary organ for flowering plants to carry on their generations, and it is also one of the most beautiful and exquisite creations of nature. The shape of flowers is often so strange that it is beyond our imagination. The color covers almost all the chromatogram of human vision. Every flower, even every petal, of many kinds of Plants presents colorful colors, among which pansy, Fritillaria, etc. are interesting representatives. There are also some plants with more excellent flowering skills, which can produce several flowers of different colors on the same plant. The monoecious Mutong has independent male and female flowers. The purple female flowers are large and bright, while the small male flowers are light yellow and green. In addition to the wonderful evolution of nature, through hybridization, grafting or other breeding methods, some garden flowers that are not rare can also produce different colors of flowers on a plant, among which two-color peach flowers and colorful purple jasmine are regular visitors in the garden.

Why do flowers bloom like this?

On earth, more than 300000 species of flowering plants, or angiosperms, account for 90% of all land plants, from the little forget me not to the gorgeous Magnoliaceae plants. Although flowering plants are believed to have appeared 140 million to 250 million years ago, no more than 130 million years of fossil flowering plants have been found, which makes it very difficult to find out what the original flowers look like. The evolution of flowering plants has also troubled Darwin, who called the diversity of flowering plants a mystery. HERV é Sauquet, an evolutionary biologist at the Southern University of Paris, France, was the first author of the study. He led a team of 36 people who spent six years making a variety of flower hard enamel pins and analyzing the anatomical evidence of almost every flowering plant to confirm their original characteristics. “We have little idea how flowers evolved, and it’s very important for the ecological role of flowers and for the role of plants on the earth,” he said

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