Custom beautiful butterfly soft Enamel Pins

Custom beautiful butterfly soft Enamel Pins

On the appropriate coat, when wearing a intoxicating colored butterfly soft enamel pins, the feeling is that it brings us the most beautiful sky. Butterfly is a general designation of Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera and hammerhorn. There are more than 14000 species around the world, most of which are distributed in America, especially in the Amazon River Basin. There are 1200 species in China. Butterflies are usually brightly colored, with many stripes and rich colors. There are various kinds of spots on their wings and bodies. The largest butterfly can spread its wings up to about 28-30cm, and the smallest one is only about 0.7cm. The head of a butterfly has a pair of rod-shaped or hammer shaped antennae.

The most beautiful butterfly soft Enamel Pins:

There are many kinds of butterflies, so our butterfly soft enamel pins have many styles. The most beautiful is the red armband butterfly, which belongs to the family papilidae. The world famous “poisonous” butterfly, mainly distributed in Brazil, has a history of millions of years. Because its body color is very similar to that of the uniform of Portuguese postman at that time, it is named postman butterfly. There is also the Owl Ring butterfly, which belongs to a species of Owl Ring butterfly. It is a tropical rainforest butterfly with a large body size. This butterfly is treasured by butterfly collectors. The most camouflaged one is the dead leaf nymphal, which belongs to the Nymphalidae of Lepidoptera. It is a world-famous species of mimicry and a typical example of natural camouflage.

Different uses of butterfly wings:

The colorful patterns on the wings of butterflies are amazing. The scales on the wings of butterflies not only make them gorgeous, but also look like a raincoat of butterflies. Because the scales on the wings of butterflies are rich in fat and can protect them, they can fly even in light rain. But their colorful wings are not only for people to feast their eyes, but also for hiding, camouflage and attracting mates. Many butterfly soft enamel pins, the most beautiful part is their thin sand wings.

Where can I buy color butterfly soft Enamel Pins

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