Custom beautiful blue earth soft Enamel Pins

Custom beautiful blue earth soft Enamel Pins

We human beings live on the same earth, we must protect the earth we live on. The beautiful earth soft Enamel Pins tells us to love nature and love the earth. The earth is one of the eight major planets in the solar system. According to the order of distance from the sun, it is the third one. It is also the earth like planet with the largest diameter, mass and density in the solar system. The earth is 150 million kilometers away from the sun. The earth rotates from west to East, and at the same time revolves around the sun. At present, it is 4-4.6 billion years old. It has a natural satellite, that is, the moon. Both of them form a celestial system, which is the Earth Moon system. 4.6 billion years ago, it originated in the nebula of the primitive sun.

The birth of a beautiful earth

4.6 billion years ago, the earth was born. The first stage is the formation of the earth’s sphere. The earth at its birth is quite different from the earth at present. According to scientists, at the beginning of the earth’s formation, it was a hot ball composed of hot liquid materials, mainly magma. With the passage of time, the temperature of the earth’s surface is decreasing, and the solid core is gradually formed. The denser matter moves towards the center of the earth, and the denser matter floats on the surface of the earth, which forms a earth whose surface is mainly composed of rocks. It’s like our earth lapel pins.

The earth has the most suitable temperature for our existence

The temperature of the earth’s surface is affected by solar radiation, and the average temperature of the earth’s surface is about 15 ℃. However, in the deep underground where there is no sunshine, the temperature is mainly affected by geothermal, and increases with the increase of depth. In the center of the earth, the core temperature is more than 6000 ℃, which is higher than the surface temperature of the solar photosphere. The hottest spot on the earth’s surface is Basra, with a maximum temperature of 58.8 ℃. It is very cold in the northern hemisphere of the earth. The lowest temperature is – 71 ℃. The coldest place in the world is in the Antarctic continent, reaching a minimum temperature of – 89.2 ℃. But with our earth soft enamel pins, we are the warmest.

Do you want this beautiful earth soft enamel pins?

With the formation of the earth’s Shanghai Ocean, the earth continuously releases energy to the outside. The water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases released by the continuous eruption of high-temperature magma constitute a very thin early atmosphere. With the continuous increase of water vapor in the original atmosphere, more and more water vapor condenses into small water droplets, and then converges into rainwater and falls to the surface. In this way, the original ocean has been formed. Such a beautiful earth soft enamel pin is most suitable for elegant you. Come to our company and customize the earth soft enamel pins. It will bring you good luck. Our various lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to customize them.