Custom beautiful Bauhinia Flower hard enamel pins

Custom beautiful Bauhinia Flower hard enamel pins

The beautiful Bauhinia Flower hard enamel pins on the chest will leave a good impression on others. Bauhinia flowers bloom from November to March every year, belonging to bauhinia in Leguminosae, deciduous trees or shrubs. Originated in China. Sex like light, cold. Like fertile, well drained soil, not flood resistant. Strong sprouting ability, resistant to trimming and shearing. The seeds are poisonous. It’s a symbol of family harmony and deep love. Bauhinia Flower uses: Bauhinia flowers first, then leaves. The flowers are gorgeous and lovely. They are often planted in front of courtyards, buildings and lawn edges. Its bark and pedicel can also be used as medicine, which has the effect of detoxification and detumescence; its seed can be used to make pesticide, which has the effect of repelling and killing pests.

The legend of Bauhinia flowers

Bauhinia root deeply into the courtyard of the people, has always been a symbol of family harmony and beauty, deep flesh and soul. It is said that in the Southern Dynasty, Tianzhen, Jingzhao Yin, separated from his brothers Tianqing and Tianguang. When other properties had been properly distributed, it was finally found that there was a bauhinia tree with sparse branches and leaves and a cluster of flowers that was not easy to deal with in the yard. That night, the three brothers discussed together to cut this Bauhinia tree into three sections, one for each. The next morning, when the three brothers went to cut down the tree, they found that the branches and leaves of the Bauhinia tree had all withered, and the flowers had all withered. Seeing this, Tian Zhen couldn’t help sighing to the two brothers: “people are not as good as wood.”. Later, the three brothers combined their families and got on well with each other. That Bauhinia tree seems to be quite human, and then it recovers its vitality, and grows luxuriantly. Bauhinia Flower hard enamel pins is a symbol of family harmony.

Flower language and meaning of Bauhinia

Bauhinia Flower is a kind of flower with bright color and large flower shape. It is a kind of flower of family affection. Usually, it has the meaning of family harmony and people who love each other want to be together forever. Therefore, Bauhinia Flower hard enamel pins represents the intention of unswerving love. Look at the heart-shaped green leaves swaying in the wind. There is green blood running in it. The flowers hugged each other tightly and were full of deep feelings. In addition, the bark and pedicel of Bauhinia have medicinal value. Bauhinia has a strong affinity, just like one of our brothers and sisters, beautiful and warm our hearts. In early spring, Bauhinia blooms when it hears the spring. The gorgeous flowers are densely covered, and each branch of the whole tree is covered. The flowers have the same color as roses, and the shape is like a group of flying butterflies, which are densely covered with bright red trees. Because of its beauty, it has been invited into the courtyard as a traditional garden tree, which is deeply loved by people. Its close relationship with people makes it a representative plant of the hometown.

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