Custom battle training commander Lapel Pins

Custom battle training commander Lapel Pins

As a commander, the clothing must be equipped with a lapel pins for training the combat commander. It’s a sign of identity and majesty. Combat training is a kind of training for attacking and fighting against the enemy who is defending the island and the coast. During training, the weather, tide, beach and shore topography and other natural conditions have a great impact. There are many kinds of troops participating in the training, high requirements of cooperative action, and heavy tasks of material and equipment support. It is usually organized and implemented in stages according to the requirements of landing operations. With the development of modern science and technology, transportation, landing and landing tools will be constantly updated, and commander’s lapel pins will also be constantly updated. Especially under the conditions of using missiles, nuclear weapons and widely developing electronic countermeasures, landing and anti landing operations will be more intense and complex, and the contents of landing combat training and lapel pins will be more abundant, and the styles will also tend to be diversified and human nature paintings.

Contents of military operation training:

Military combat training is the activity of military theory education and combat skill coach. It is usually divided into army training, college training and reserve training. Military training plays an important role in the national armed forces, construction and combat readiness. Commander’s turning over pins is also an important task of combat readiness training. Many countries regard military training as a part of strategic research.

Types of combat training Lapel Pins:

1. Army combat training. Army combat training mainly refers to landing soldiers’ boarding, loading and unloading of materials and equipment, adaptability to navigation, overcoming beachhead obstacles, etc., assault landing and consolidate and expand landing site;

2. Naval combat training: the Navy mainly seizes the sea power, transports the landing forces, opens up channels and supports the actions of the landing forces;

3. For Air Force combat training, the air force mainly seizes the air control right, covers landing formation ferry, supports land and Navy operations, and cooperates with land and navy to open channels. Every training must wear commander’s lapel pins, which is an essential part of training.

Where can I customize the combat training commander’s lapel pins?

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