Custom auspicious dragon shaped Lapel Pins

Custom auspicious dragon shaped Lapel Pins

Dragon shaped Lapel Pins represents auspiciousness and good luck. As for the image of dragon, one of the most famous sayings is that the prototype of dragon is made of nine kinds of animals. The shape of the dragon is what you see most often. It looks like a dragon on a lapel pins. The horn of a dragon is like a deer, its head like an ox, its eyes like a shrimp, its mouth like an ass, its belly like a snake, its scales like a fish, its feet like a Phoenix, its beard like a man and its ears like an elephant. This view has been recognized by many people, almost become a common sense. Dragon has always been a sacred and auspicious animal.

How did the Western dragon come into being?

Before the popularity of Christianity, the Dragon mainly existed in the meaning of totem in the West. The dragon has always been the national symbol of the Vikings, Celts and Saxons. From this point of view, it is no different from the Chinese nation. The image of dragon has gone through different stages. According to the research of related scholars, the Dragon mainly experienced four major historical development stages, namely, totem worship stage, deity worship stage, the stage of the combination of dragon god worship and emperor worship, the stage of the combination of Buddhist Naga dragon worship and Chinese dragon worship. Therefore, dragon shaped lapel pin is the representative of auspiciousness and the master of weathering rain. It is often used to symbolize auspiciousness.

Come and custom the Dragon Lapel Pins

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