Custom army uniform Lapel Pins

Custom army uniform Lapel Pins

Is it more spiritual for an army to match the lapel pins of a uniform with you. Uniform is the uniform of an army. The style of military uniform is a kind of standard clothing. Through the texture, color and style of military uniform in a country and a period, we can not only see the aesthetic of the times, but also read the contents of politics, military, economy, science and technology. Most of the world’s military uniforms are green, but in many cases, the natural background is not green, which requires a flexible and reasonable choice of clothing color according to the local background conditions at that time.

The classification of military uniform

There are army, air force and Navy uniforms. Soldiers do not wear the army logo on their regular clothes, but only take the lapel pins as the logo. However, there are different wearing principles for the marks of the working clothes (flying clothes) between the naval forces and the flying forces. As the main combat unit of the naval forces is the warship, no matter how famous and successful the warship is, when the warship is retired, its symbol will become history. On the other hand, the combat uniforms and flight suits of the naval flying forces not only bear the marks of the affiliated coalition and Squadron, but also bear the marks of the aircraft type, the warship and the major operations participated in according to the personal service experience.

The pattern of military Lapel Pins

The lapel pins of military uniform is the one with the most symbols and the most fancy lapel pins in the US Army. Among the four major services of the U.S. Army, the Marine Corps has the most Lapel Pins patterns. Due to the emphasis on the spirit of the whole force in the marine uniforms, the marine corps should wear the lapel pins logo on their uniforms.

How to get a military LAPEL PINS?

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