Custom antique fan soft Enamel Pins

Custom antique fan soft Enamel Pins

Summer is the hottest season in the four seasons of the year. There is an antique fan that suddenly comes from the pins, which will bring you cool bursts. Fan is the product of summer wind, which is necessary in summer. Chinese traditional fan culture has a profound cultural heritage and is an integrated part of Chinese culture. It is closely related to bamboo culture, Taoist culture and Confucian culture. The earliest fan in history is the Royal ceremonial fan used by the court of the fourth dynasty in ancient Egypt. It is more than 4500 years old. At kv62, the Imperial Valley of Egypt, the fans unearthed in the royal tomb include the ceremonial fan 3300 years ago and the ceremonial fan with ostrich hair and ivory pole. The types of fans include feather fans, Pu fans, pheasant fans, round fans, folding fans, silk palace fans, mud gold fans, black paper fans, sandalwood fans and so on. Listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list, the best fan making techniques include Jiangsu Suzhou sandalwood fan, Zhejiang Hangzhou WANGXINGJI fan, Chongqing Rongchang folding fan, Sichuan Zigong Gong fan, Guangdong Xinhui Kwai fan, Huzhou feather fan, etc.

The history of fans

The main materials of fans are: bamboo, wood, paper, ivory, tortoiseshell, emerald, bird feather, other palm leaves, areca leaves, wheat straw, cattail and so on. They can also be made into various kinds of daily use craft fans with beautiful shapes and exquisite structures. They are meticulously carved, carved, ironed, drilled or painted by famous people, making the fan art worth hundreds of times. The traditional fan culture of China originated in ancient times. Our ancestors hunted the leaves of plants or bird feathers in the hot summer, and processed them simply to block the sun from generating wind. Therefore, the fan has the name of blocking the sun, which is the origin of the fan. “Wood is the title, and reed is the fan”. The earliest fan was a symbol of power made of reed. Later, there was a soft enamel pins for the fan, which was loved by people with power. The original function of fans is not to cool off, but to show their status and privileges, the ruling class used the guard of honor fans.

The expression of fan calligraphy

It’s not easy for someone to write and draw on the folding fan. Because of the different shapes, uneven height and various materials of the fan, it really needs careful design, patient management and repeated practice to create a work of momentum, fluency and admiration. It’s just like our fan is suddenly elegant from the pins. From the experience of the ancients, we can see the following Species design:

1. It’s a short rule for one president and one line. It’s the most appropriate form to use the cursive script, which can achieve the effect of fluency, majestic atmosphere and beauty.

2. It is an equal number of lines and words. Chinese calligraphy and painting are written on fans. This form is suitable for official script and regular script, showing the effect of simplicity, elegance, strength, massiveness and patience.

3. It’s a one line rule. This form is suitable for writing large characters. The book style is unlimited. It’s written along the arc of folding fan, leaving a blank below, which is ethereal, natural, generous and pleasant.

Let’s customize the antique fan soft Enamel Pins

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