Custom animal dolphin soft Enamel Pins

Custom animal dolphin soft Enamel Pins

Marine animal dolphin, a complete aquatic mammal, widely lives in the world’s oceans. It is also distributed in the inland sea and near the river mouth. Some species are found in inland rivers. Usually like to live in groups, prey on fish, squid, etc. The porpoise family has been differentiated from the Miocene about 10 million years ago. There are 17 genera and nearly 40 species. It is the largest family of cetaceans. The pilot whale, killer whale and other black whales are also in this family. In essence, they are large dolphins. The modern relatives of porpoiseae are porpoiseae and narwhalidae, which together constitute the porpoise family. Although dolphins are bulky, our dolphin soft enamel pins are lovely.

The size of a clumsy Dolphin

Dolphin’s trunk is spindle shaped, skin is smooth and hairless, body is vigorous and flexible, good at jumping and diving, is the fastest mammal in the water. It has a developed sonar system, mainly relies on the echo location function during activities, and has excellent hearing in water and air. The nostrils are on the top of the head and are used for water and air exchange. Its shape varies from 1 meter long, 30 kg to 9.5 meters long and 14 tons. They have complex sulci, good memory, and can learn many actions under human training. They are one of the animal families with the highest IQ. They have a gentle, friendly, lively and active character, and are widely loved by people all over the world. In the vast majority of people’s impression, dolphins are lively, happy, intelligent and playful. In fact, they are far more than that. They are warm-hearted and can develop a good and solid friendship with their companions. While hunting, they change their body and become extraordinary hunters across the sea. Have dolphin soft enamel pins, it will be your unforgettable choice.

Life habits of elegant dolphins

Dolphins don’t dive deep for as long as other cetaceans. Fast and juggling. Dolphin swimming is a unique way of swimming for dolphins. The whole body jumps off the water at a small angle and then enters the water at a small angle. This is one of the ways to distinguish dolphins from other cetaceans. Generally, porpoises and other cetaceans do not swim in this way. Dolphins are fast swimmers, usually the fastest speed is about 30-40km / h, and some kinds of dolphins can travel more than 55km / h for a long time. They are the champion of long-distance swimming in the ocean. Some dolphins are highly social species, living in large groups (sometimes more than 100000 individuals), showing many interesting collective behaviors. There are many ways of cooperation among the members of the group. Sometimes the dolphins in the group attack the sharks and kill them by hitting them. Members also work together to help injured or sick individuals. The dolphins often follow the boats and ride on the waves. Sometimes they jump into the air like acrobatics. The scene is spectacular. So let’s customize dolphin soft enamel pins.

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