Custom Angel soft enamel pins of love

Custom Angel soft enamel pins of love

Angel soft enamel pins is a beautiful dress with human shape. When Prophet Muhammad conveys the revelation of Qur’an, it sometimes turns into human shape. Angel originally refers to the messenger of God, the messenger from heaven. Similar concepts exist in most religious beliefs. Christians are generally translated as angels; Muslims are sometimes translated as immortals. It represents the holy, good and upright, the messenger of God’s will, the spirit serving for God, and the protector sent by God to protect believers from demons. A bridge that brings God’s message to people. The watchman on earth, the faithful recorder of people’s behavior (including secret), the warrior against the enemies of the kingdom of God, and the people with special occupations in the kingdom of God.

The origin of angel image

The word “angel” comes from the Greek “angelos”, which means messenger. In Christianity, Muslims, Judaism and some other theologies, angels often play the role of emissary, follower and agent of God. This refers to heaven’s emissary, which has a similar concept in many other religions, and is translated as “angel” in Chinese. In the Bible, the will of God is usually conveyed by angels. Angels are pure spiritual bodies, with outstanding intelligence and great power, and are very sacred. Angels are made up of materials as light as air, so that they can be transformed into various most suitable physical forms according to their needs. As a special child of God, angels enjoy the intimate relationship with God and gaze, love and praise God in heaven. Some angels often bring the will of God to mankind from heaven. The number of our angel soft enamel pins is endless, they exist in every corner of the universe, waiting for your arrival.

The purpose and nature of angel’s coming

The manufacture and arrival of angel soft enamel pins serves the needs of all entities with free consciousness, so you can experience the angel’s undifferentiated love. Angels do not hesitate to carry out their assigned tasks, with great joy to provide people with love, wisdom and guidance. Everyone is surrounded by angels. Without exception, angels are eager to find opportunities to communicate with you. In Christianity and theology, an angel may be the lowest of the nine classes in heaven, and must obey the archangel. Fallen angels are often regarded as demons, just like Satan, while guardian angels are regarded as guides and guardians of human beings. Angels are usually described as winged and robed, or wearing halos, they will not die or grow old. They are immortal, created by God, and have existed since the creation of the century. Angels are often thought to guide the soul. Although angels are sacred, they often make primitive mistakes, especially pride and conceit.

Make angel soft enamel pins for excellent you

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