Custom American police Lapel Pins

Custom American police Lapel Pins

American police lapel pins is the sign of every policeman. The U.S. police are mainly divided into the FBI, the U.S. bailiff and the coast guard. And every U.S. congressional police officer. So the power of the police is the guarantee of national and federal security. Each type of police has its own police lapel pins as a sign.

So what are the police Lapel Pins?

First, the FBI’s police are mainly responsible for investigating all kinds of crimes and crimes that seriously threaten national security,

Second, the officers in the U.S. bailiff’s office, which can be called the federal bailiff, have special police lapel pins. The main responsibility of the federal police is to protect federal judge witnesses. At the same time, the protection plan also pursues cross state criminals to escort prisoners and other tasks.

Third, the U.S. Coast Guard. They are responsible for water security. The naval police command usually manages the Department of Homeland Security and various wars.

Fourth, the U.S. congressional police department is responsible for the safety of members of Congress by the U.S. federal police force, so it is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel at any time and any place.

Where to buy American police Lapel Pins?

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