Custom Alpaca soft Enamel Pins

Custom Alpaca soft Enamel Pins

There is a kind of warm love, always with you around, this is the lovely Alpaca soft enamel pins, wearing it happy and warm. Alpacas are gentle, intelligent and human. In addition to wild species, there are a considerable number of domesticated species. They are widely used as pack service tools by Indians and are suitable for captive breeding. They are one of the important livestock in South America. Alpaca wool is longer than wool, bright and elastic, and can be made into high-grade wool fabrics. There are about 3 million in the world, more than 90% of which live on the plateau of Peru and Chile in South America, and the rest are distributed in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia.

Morphological characteristics of Alpaca

Follow me to show you that Alpaca soft enamel pins is a characteristic of alpaca. The alpaca has a camel like head, a raised nose, two ears, a long and thin neck, and no hump. The alpaca’s wool fiber is long and curly, the length of the wool can reach 20-40 cm, the fineness can reach 15-20 μ m, and it has luster, which can form a large roll. It is wavy on both sides of the alpaca’s body, soft and elastic. Alpacas are medium-sized, 55-65kg in weight, 1200-2250mm in head and body length, 150-250mm in tail length and 900-1300mm in shoulder height. Has a long body and neck. The head is small and the ears are big and sharp. Fur coat uniform or multicolor. According to the “association of Alpaca owners and breeders”, there are 22 kinds of colors, ranging from white to black and brown. The upper and lower incisors and canine teeth of adult males develop into dipper or canine teeth, up to 3 cm long. The development of these teeth in females is no less than that in males.

The habitat of Alpaca

A lovely Alpaca on a soft enamel pins. It originated in the middle of Peru in the Andes in the upper Amazon. It was once widely distributed in South America. From the tropical coast to the alpine mountains, alpacas are found wherever there are people. The extremely bad natural environment and the wild conditions without shelter have cultivated the alpaca’s strong adaptability and coarse feeding resistance, and it feeds on the alpine ratchet plants. It has good adaptability to high altitude and arid desert areas, and has the advantages of yak and camel. It can also grow well and improve the production level in the temperate and subtropical marine humid climate environment. Alpaca can better protect the grassland ecological environment than sheep in the poor grassland, gravel and desert shrub grassland in the high altitude pastoral area. In the low altitude pastoral area, alpaca is the livestock with the highest utilization rate of orange stalk.

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