Custom all kinds of sports logo hard enamel pins

Custom all kinds of sports logo hard enamel pins

Wonderful world, wonderful games, wearing a hard enamel pins of the Games logo on the chest. It is a kind of yearning and persistence for the sports meeting. Sports games refer to sports competitions. There are large-scale games such as the Olympic Games, but the scope is different. The earliest games were the ancient Olympic Games in ancient Greece. In the sports meeting, everyone can show their brilliance and welcome the victory. Pierre de Coubertin is the founder of the modern Olympic Games. He was born into a noble family in Paris. After graduating from high school, he went to Paris University to study law, politics, and then went to England for further education and pedagogy. At that time, British outdoor sports shocked Coubertin greatly. He was determined to go back and change France’s indifference to sports. What he yearned for was to expand the world’s sports exchanges. In ancient Greece and other countries in the Mediterranean region, people often held grand gatherings and various recreational and competitive activities during the festival and harvest season. Initially, the event was scattered and irregular, but the largest gathering was in Olympia.

The emergence of the Olympic Games

The full name of the Olympic Games is “Olympic Games”. The word “Olympic” comes from the Greek place name “Olympia”. Olympia is located 360 kilometers southwest of Athens City in the alphas River Valley, where the scenery is picturesque and the climate is pleasant. Ancient Greeks built many shrines here. Therefore, the ancient people called this land alphas City, also known as the “holy land” Olympia. According to the belief at that time, it symbolized peace and friendship. In 884 B.C., wars broke out in ancient Greece, and wars continued all over the country, plagued by pestilence and agricultural failure. Greek civilians are eager for peace and miss the celebrations. Thus, the king of Elis, where Olympia is located, contacted the kings of several other cities and reached an agreement to hold regular games in Olympia, and stipulated that the “holy truce day” should be implemented in the year of the games. The term of “holy truce day” is three months. During this period, no one is allowed to use swordsmen. Even the warring parties have to lay down their arms, put on the hard enamel pins that symbolize the games, and prepare to go to Olympia for the games.

The transmission of Olympic flame

The Athens meeting of the International Olympic Committee decided to restore the old system of the ancient Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, the main stadium burned the Olympic flame, which was taken from the Olympic Games, In 1928, the 9th Olympic Games was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From the beginning to the end of the main competition, there was a high tower burning with flaming fireworks, beside which there was a big logo of hard enamel pins for the games. It is the first time for the Olympic Games to hold such an event, which is ignited by a spotlight and then transmitted by relay from four countries to the host country. On July 20, 1936, Olympia held the ignition ceremony for the 11th Summer Olympic Games, and each person ran a 1km relay with a torch. After Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia, the International Olympic Committee officially stipulated that lighting the Olympic flame is an indispensable ceremony for the opening ceremony of each Olympic Games. In addition, the purpose of lighting the torch is to Commemoration, the soldiers who died in the first World War, and the torch relay symbolizes the spread of peace and friendship around the world.

To customize the hard enamel pins for the Games logo

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