Custom 3D Lily Enamel Pins

Custom 3D Lily Enamel Pins

The beautiful lilies are very beautiful, and the lilies’ hard enamel pins are full of symbolic significance, and are deeply loved by flower fans. Lilium is a perennial bulbous herb of Liliaceae, which originated in temperate zone of almost every continent in the northern hemisphere, mainly distributed in East Asia, Europe, North America, etc. more than 110 varieties have been found in the world, 55 of which are produced in China. In recent years, there are many new varieties produced by artificial hybridization. The lily has elegant appearance, green leaves and graceful stems. It is a rare cut flower rookie. The bulbs of lilies are rich in starch, some of which can be eaten as vegetables. In China, eating lilies has a long history. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine holds that lilies are slightly cold and flat, which have the effects of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing fire, calming the heart and calming the nerves. The bulbs of lilies can be used as medicine, which is a kind of flower for both medicine and food.

The symbolic meaning of Lily

Lilies are known as “fairies of clouds”. Because of its elegant and pure appearance, the Catholic Church takes the white lily as the symbol of the Virgin Mary, while the Vatican takes the lily as the national flower, and the lily hard enamel pins has also become a favorite dress. The lily’s head is made of scales, which means “happy for a hundred years” and “happy for a hundred things”. China has always regarded it as an indispensable auspicious flower for weddings. There is also the meaning of respect. Lilies are mainly used for ornamental purposes, especially the cut flower varieties exported from Holland and Japan, such as the musk Lily and its hybrids are one of the most important cut flower varieties. The bulbs of lilies are rich in starch, some of which can be used as vegetables; in China, the bulbs of lilies can be used to cook soup after drying, and many parts of the plant can be used as medicine.

Flower meaning of Lily

The color of lilies is usually white, which symbolizes purity and elegance. Therefore, the flower language has the meaning of purity and solemnity, and the meaning of different colors of lilies is different, so each variety of lilies contains different meanings, but generally speaking, the flower language of lilies also symbolizes the moral of a smooth career. The yellow lily represents the noble wealth. The yellow lily looks golden and glitters. It can play a very good role in watching at home. Its flower language also represents the meaning of the noble wealth. At the same time, the yellow lily also has the blessing of early recovery. In addition, the yellow lily has two meanings. Different occasions have different meanings. If it is used between men and women, it means breaking up; if it is used between friends, it means eternal friendship. It’s the best choice to send 3D Lily enamel pins to friends and family.

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