Custom 3D gold plated crocodile Lapel Pins

Custom 3D gilded crocodile Lapel Pins

Every successful man needs an exquisite 3D gilded crocodile lapel pins to enhance his taste and temperament. Crocodile is a kind of carnivorous oviparous, vertebrate reptile. It is the oldest reptile of the same age with dinosaur more than 200 million years ago, and also one of the most primitive animals surviving so far. Crocodiles have become one of the oldest living fossils on the earth because of their strong vitality. Crocodile belongs to the endangered wildlife, which is listed as the first class of endangered wildlife in the world.

Clever crocodile

Crocodiles usually like to live in the beach of lakes and swamps, or in the humid areas of hills, mountains, streams, and grasses. Crocodiles often give the impression of being slow to move. Some people describe crocodiles as staggering, sprawling, floating and dragging their tails to the ground instead of crawling close to the ground. In fact, this description is an illusion of crocodiles. In fact, crocodiles are extremely sensitive to hearing and vision, and their body movements are also very flexible. Crocodile is a very clever animal.

Design of alligator Lapel Pins

The alligator on the lapel pins we designed is the Chinese alligator. The alligator is small, so it is exquisite and lovely. The body length of Chinese alligator is generally 1.5m, rarely more than 2.1m. The Chinese alligator’s lapel pins has short and thick limbs, five fingers in the forelimb and no web between the fingers; four toes in the hind limbs and web between the toes. Tail length is similar to body length. The head is relatively large, flat and long. The eyes are all black, with eyelids and membranes, which can be opened and closed. The back of the body is gold-plated, the front of the abdomen is gray, and the tail is flat. This little alligator with lapel pins has yellow stripes on its back. It looks cool, melancholy, domineering and elegant, very much like a man’s masculine temperament.

How to customize 3D crocodile Lapel Pins

If you like alligators, please customize this lapel pins. This exquisite little alligator lapel pins is most suitable for you who are domineering. Our company can also customize other Lapel Pins! Choosing us will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, our price is very favorable. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order.