Custom 3D gilded British Hat Pins

Custom 3D gilded UK Hat Pins

Hat Pins culture has a long history in the UK. The 80 year old queen of England has worn about 5000 hats since she took the throne 50 years ago. Each dress has a hat pin to match the hat. It can be seen that the hat culture in Britain is very important. British men and women, not only the hat is an important equipment, but also the cap pin plays a decorative role in the UK, representing rights and status.

Hat Pins culture

In the streets and alleys of England, you can often see people wearing hats, not to mention beautiful ladies; fashionable young men also particularly like soft felt hats, hats are also exquisite HAT PINS. Because of their personality, they are able to show their charm; there is no lack of a top hat for an old gentleman with style; even students like to wear lapel pins on their school uniforms. When noble children go to school, the hats on their heads have pins. It is said that this is the school’s tradition of hundreds of years and must be worn.

British preference for pins!

Why do British people have such a preference for Hat Pins? It is said that this is due to the special climate in Britain. The weather in England is getting very fast. It’s still sunny. It’s just gone in a flash. The traditional English gentleman always holds a long handle black umbrella, but after all, it is cumbersome, so the hat is particularly lovely, especially for the beautiful lady. When the weather is good, wear a wide brimmed hat and a pin. It’s not only good-looking, but also can cover the sun.

How to have a 3D Hat Pins

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