Custom 3D chrysanthemum Lapel Pins

Custom 3D chrysanthemum Lapel Pins

Wearing a three-dimensional super strong chrysanthemum lapel pins, with a girl’s pure strong, pure and clean, free and bright. Chrysanthemum is the third of the ten famous flowers in China. It is one of the four famous flowers in the world, including chrysanthemum, rose, carnation and gladiolus. The output is the highest. Because chrysanthemum has the character of cold and proud snow, there is Tao Yuanming’s famous sentence “picking Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing Nanshan”. Chinese people have the custom of enjoying chrysanthemum and drinking chrysanthemum wine on the Double Ninth Festival. In ancient myths and legends, chrysanthemum has the meaning of auspiciousness and longevity.

The source of Chrysanthemum

There are many sources of chrysanthemum, which are multiple rather than single. Chrysanthemum is a cross pollinated plant. In the long-term practice process, people use interspecific and even hybrid methods to obtain the new quality of chrysanthemum, and through the long-term cultivation process to obtain the separation of new characters. In this way, there are more and more new species. In this process, both conscious artificial hybridization and random natural selection can occur at the same time or alternatively, which will give rise to the beautiful shape of chrysanthemum lapel pins.

The meaning of chrysanthemum Lapel Pins

Chrysanthemum represents the experience of wind and frost, with tenacious vitality and high integrity. Because Tao Yuanming picked Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, chrysanthemum got the title of “flower hermit”. In Japan, chrysanthemum is a symbol of the royal family. If you wear a chrysanthemum lapel pins, it will show your elegance, treasure and wealth. Chrysanthemum contains the joy of autumn and is the color of sunshine.

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