To commemorate Irina with a Hard Enamel Pin

To commemorate Irina with a real Enamel Badge

Now let our badges express our condolences and our dissatisfaction with the society.

The badge will always be stored in front of your tombstone. Let\’s remember this regrettable thing.

Girls who failed to pay 6.8 yuan were driven off at 4 a.m. and frozen to death in the wilderness at minus 20 degrees.

A senior medical student in Ukraine was driven off by a bus driver because she did not pay 68 pence (about 6.8 yuan) in the fare. She was finally frozen to death in a remote area of minus 20 degrees.

Elena, 21, hitchhiked to a hospital in Olevsk, northern Ukraine, to see her sick mother. But at about 4 a.m., the bus driver drove her out of the car because she couldn\’t pay the 68p fare.

After getting out of the car, Elina began to walk along the dark country road and tried to take a shortcut through the forest. Unfortunately, she lost her way, fell into a pit, and was eventually frozen to death in the wilderness at minus 20 degrees. It was two days after her disappearance that her father found her frozen body.

To commemorate Irina with a Hard Enamel Pin

This is really a sad thing.

I want to make a custom coin to commemorate her.

According to Elina\’s sister Natalia, their mother had pneumonia and her condition was getting worse and worse. On the day of the accident, Elina wanted to take the first bus to Olivesk. She was in such a hurry that she forgot her wallet.

Reported that when Elina\’s father found her, her eyes were wide open and full of fear.

According to the forensic examination, the death of the victim was indeed caused by visceral hypothermia. A police spokesman said the case had been classified as a criminal case and an investigation had been initiated. The officers concerned were being interrogated by the police.

If convicted, bus drivers face up to five years in prison.