Chinese Metal Monkey Lapel Pins

Chinese Monkey Pins

Understand the auspicious implication of Chinese Enamel Lapel Pins design: “monkey”

Enamel Lapel Pins:

Traditional auspicious patterns are usually auspicious ideas.

By means of implication, symbolism and exaggeration,

It vividly conveys people’s yearning for good luck and wishes by visualizing and illustrating it.

In enamel pins design, we often see works inspired by traditional auspicious patterns.

For example, the little monkey lapel pins and pendant we’re introducing today.

The custom money embroidery patches also the same.

It is to integrate the meaning of good luck into jewelry design.

The smart and witty appearance of the little monkey is full of people’s yearning and pursuit for a better life.

Its happy and auspicious image adds some color to its beautiful implication.

Its implications can be divided into:

The pattern of lapel pins is a big monkey holding corn and carrying a small monkey on its back.

Corn implies that gold and jade (with the sound of corn) fill the hall, while corn also has the meaning of many seeds.

Monkeys (since ancient monkeys are grandchildren, grand monkeys) and corn have the meaning of having many children and grandchildren.

Big monkeys and small monkeys are Chinese traditional auspicious patterns composed of homophobic sounds, that is, the feudal lords from generation to generation, which implies that all generations can get high officials and rich salaries.

Some of the color of the pattern is gold.

Golden Monkey Corn implies that gold and jade abound in the hall, wrapping (rice) you seal the marquis.