Chinese Flag Pins

The Chinese Flag Pins

The Chinese flag weaving pins contains powerful power.

Glorious banner, victory banner, it leads a difficult and profound family out of the darkness.

This is Chinese flag weaving.

Open the history of New China, step by step, a magnificent picture scroll leaps onto the paper.

On an occasional day, I finished reading the Banner and got a banner flag enamel pin.

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Chinese Flag Pins

Let me feel deeply.

Ninety years ago, China’s great powers invaded.

The country is backward, warlords are chaotic, political corruption and people are not living on their own. The fate of the country is at stake.

The First Congress of the Party was held in July 1921.

The Communist Party of China shoulders the responsibility of leading the Chinese people to create a happy life.

To realize the sacred mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

For decades, the Communist Party of China has led the people through arduous armed struggle.

The establishment of a new socialist China has changed the destiny of the Chinese nation.

The Communist Party of China leads the people to advance with the times and build a well-off society in an all-round way.

The Communist Party of China promotes scientific development and social harmony.

Let the Loess create miracles and the world marvel at the great changes in China.

Without the warriors who threw their heads and shed their blood yesterday, we would not have a happy life today.

We should cherish it more. We have to study hard.

Only in this way can we improve our ability to serve our motherland and contribute more to the development of our country when we grow up.

Banner Weaving of Chinese Nationality

When I saw the story of Qiu Shaoyun, the eternal martyr in the fire, I was very excited.

It was his fearless revolutionary spirit that won the battle.

Look at Qiu Shaoyun.

Looking at us again, I can’t help but bow my head with guilt.

“How difficult it is to prosper our country and make China stronger”.

In the face of repeated disasters, the Chinese people have raised their backs and responded calmly.

The SARS epidemic in the summer of 2003,

Rain and snow freezing disasters in 2008,

At 1428 hours on 12 May 2008,

A magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province.

Faced with sudden and huge injury.

The Chinese people endured their tears and burst into unprecedented patriotism.

A rescue team, with their spirit of sacrificing their lives and forgetting their deaths,

Write one song after another touching song of great love…

Isn’t this the unity of all under the leadership of the Communist Party of China?

“One world, one dream.” Successful Beijing Olympic Games,

Having fulfilled the Centennial expectation of the famous Chinese people and the common aspiration of the Chinese people at home,

No wonder it sings like “Beijing welcomes you, everyone with dreams is great, and there will be miracles if they have courage.”

Isn\’t this a great initiative for the whole nation to love labor and unite as one? This is the strength of Chinese flag weaving.

Wear your flag and weave flag lapel pins and stride forward.