Chimugang Constitutional Emblem

Dunk master

Chimugang Constitutional Emblem

The dream of not being laughed at, the value of not being realized, this red wood constitutional badge, a perfect interpretation of the team’s pillar of the spirit of struggle.

Akimu Gangxian has a rough appearance, a huge physique, a slender body, a steady personality but delicate mind, and excellent academic performance. His dream is to dominate the country! He said: broken bones, not walking, basketball, badges on the line. To play basketball, it’s a chance I had a hard time grasping! Don’t give up.

Because of Mitsui’s withdrawal, until the third year of senior high school, Xiangbei Team has been relying on the hard support of Akamu Gangxian, never breaking through in the county contest, so the lonely and helpless Akamu has not given up every day’s efforts. Holding previous medals and badges in his hand, he secretly vowed to rise.

The third grade Akamu has a deep love for basketball. In the cartoon, he is a powerful center under the ruling basket. In the badge, Akamu Gangxian started as a rough man with weak basic skills, not much better than cherry wood. Up to Senior Three, because Liuchuan Maple and Cherry wood joined the freshmen and Mitsui and Miyagi returned, Akagi got unprecedented support and help, and began to struggle for the last summer in order to dominate the country’s dream.

At the end of the badge story, Akimu ended three years of high school basketball career and applied for college entrance examination. And we will not forget the character badge of Akimoto Gangxian, the captain of the gorilla, who is full of fighting spirit and will never give in to defeat, strong but likes to shed tears secretly.