Childhood star pins

Childhood star pins

Star badges are childhood memories, distant dreams, and poetic future.

Talking about the stars, there is always warmth.

When you have nothing, you can still be happy.

Looking at children hood star enamel pins, or take out your childhood star coin you will feel the universe is big, we can also have dreams.

Childhood star pins

I still remember what the poet Wang Guozhen said, since he chose to go far, he only cared about both the rain and the wind; since the dream is the horizon, the only thing left to the world is the figure. Big cities, their souls are like lonely vagrants, do not know where the distant road is, when they will land.

Some time ago, the heart did not know where to go, tossing and turning. Opening the micro film Star Diary of Peking University, my heart trembled as if my thoughts had been opened a lot.

There is always a way, we need to walk alone, but at any time, loss is more terrible than loneliness. As Lin Huiyin said, many people have become slaves of the years, closely following behind the time, forgetting what they wanted at first and what they got now.

There is always a heart of the journey, unknown. Beneath the light clouds and breezes lies a restless heart. Countless dark nights greet their shackled hearts for a long time. Maybe it\’s the call of dreams. Let me still believe that the world, in addition to loneliness, there are beautiful stars, it is full of the afterglow of dreams, like a boat of hope, never far from heaven.

I still remember the micro film Star Diary of Peking University, which tells us that everyone can have a dream. As long as we have a sincere heart of childhood, our dream will never be far away.

How many nights, slowly pour out their dreams in words. Because the distant dream in our hearts, our hearts, like the vast stars, full of hope, full of unknown.

The playground has bright moonlight at night and stars around the moon. Sometimes, how I envy those stars, they seem to have the love of the guardian of the moon, do not fear the rough road, but can still move forward.

Mr. Lu Xun once said that there was no road in the world, and that when there were many people walking, the road became one. Give yourself a dream and look up at the stars.

All silence is to wait for flowers to blossom one after another. Years are quiet, maybe we can ride the wind and break the waves. Everything is the best arrangement, forget yourself, maybe we will find the true meaning of life. The universe is so big. When we break the waves, the stars shine in the sky and the dawn comes. Starlight, like the eternal dream in the hearts of young people, the greatest dream in the world is that we dare to persevere in ourselves, silence in words and deeds rather than thoughts.

Some people say, how far is the road, we go together. But as time goes by, dreams seem to be one\’s dreams. Old friends have long disappeared. Lin Weiyin once said, finally understand that some roads can only be taken by one person, those who invite good colleagues, will eventually disperse at some intersection.

When we understand the past, we learn to look up at the stars and move forward steadily. The stars are bright and the heart knows where to go. A while ago, I saw a issue of Readers, which benefited a lot. We should not lose our way at any time. The journey is far away. A new generation of young people should move forward with hope, endure loneliness, endure temptation and strive for their dreams. Reality may slowly swallow our dreams like ants, but we still have to believe in the future and be full of hope. As the writer Roman Roland said, there is only one kind of heroism in the world. When we know the truth of life, we still love life. Everyone is insisting that there is no shortcut to meet an excellent self, because looking up at the stars and moving forward steadily is the way to dream.

Moving silently, for a period of time, the more entangled I am, the more I have been thinking about a question, whether it is a person who moves silently, who is more respectful, or who stands out from the crowd, which is worthwhile. Later, I understand that there is no comparable point between them. Those who move silently may go further, but those who stand out from the crowd shine even more. Behind every halo, there are hardships little known. The journey is not far, but whether one\’s persistent heart can stick to the future.

Starry sky, when walking in the playground at night, always look up to the moonlight hanging in the sky, clean as before, surrounded by stars. The universe is big, but it can contain all our tears. The world is big. Starting with your feet, you can get wonderful scenery.

Point the stars, the direction of dreams, such as the light of yesterday, never extinguish. As always, the stars are on the left, hoping to be on the right…