Cherry Blossom Path Emblem

Dunk master

Cherry Blossom Path Emblem

The most famous quotation on the Cherry Blossom Road badge is “I am a genius”, which inspires the blood of countless basketball teenagers and gives them 100% confidence in themselves.

Cherry Blossom Road is 188 centimeters tall and weighs 83 kilograms. She attends high school in northern Hunan. His characteristics are naivety and simplicity, abnormal jumping ability and superhuman basketball sense of smell.

Cherry Blossom Path Emblem

Cherry Blossom Road, a young man full of vigor and fighting spirit, makes our badges full of fighting spirit. He is also a lot of people’s memories of youth. The relationship between Cherry Blossom Road and basketball begins with a sentence from Akira: “Do you like basketball?” Since then, it has completely changed the youth of the problem students who are idle all day.

The Cherry Blossom Road, which is a completely layman’s standard, has the seriousness of “Do the best you can to do one thing”, which is the same as our company’s philosophy. If you want to make a badge, do the best you can. Cherry Blossom Path has outstanding height and amazing bouncing power. Under the careful guidance of captain Akira Gangxian, he grew up to be the rebounder king who dominated the forbidden zone. With his own efforts, he became a basketball genius who repeatedly became the Savior of the world at critical moments, from a teammate and opponent who did not pay attention to him.

Cherry Blossom Road finally developed a stable mid-range shooting, although it is still not the best strength, but everyone remembered Cherry Blossom Road and his magical performance on the court. Just look at the Cherry Blossom Path badge to see how good he is!