Cactus Enamel Pins

Cactus Enamel Pins

Cactus represents Mexico, enthusiastic and powerful. Then the brooch is Mexican’s favorite. We custom design and make cactus enamel pins at cheap price, no minimum order. Our cactus coins also at cheap price.

Let’s tell you a story through the cactus brooch: cactus used to be the weakest thing in the world. It was tender as water and lost its life when touched. God couldn’t bear it. He put a suit of armor on her. It was as hard as iron, and there were wounding steel thorns on it. From then on, no one can see the heart of cactus anymore. Every creature close to her will be bloody.

A long time later, a brave man wanted to eradicate this evil thing. When a sword fell, the cactus turned into two halves, but the liquid in his heart was green. Originally, it is the heart of cactus sealed up, because no one knows the loneliness, into a teardrop. So cactus is a strong symbol.

When we make the cactus brooch, based on its thorny shape, we also skillfully combine the map of Mexico, place the Pearl position of the cactus brooch on the capital of Mexico, and use the hollow-out technique to combine the characteristics of cactus and Mexico, which is strong with the beauty of flexibility and implicit beauty in passion. This is our exquisite cactus brooch.