Birthday Enamel lapel pins from father

Birthday Enamel lapel pins from father

Father, on my forty-seventh birthday today, I sincerely thank you. Thank you for your birthday gift. Thank you for your birthday badge. You buy this quality enamel lapel pins for me. Thank you!

You gave me life. Let me grow from an innocent little girl to a mature mother, with a happy family, a struggling son and a husband who knows cold and knows hot.

This birthday badge is very beautiful and special. Thank you very much. From this badge I can feel your love for me.

You taught me to be a strong man. When you were a child, you witnessed the hardship of beating iron and the hardship of planting crops.

Birthday Enamel lapel pins from father

It is a antique silver plated die struck happy birthday enamel lapel pins. We can do it no minimum order at cheap price.

I made a secret oath: to strike iron, we need to be hard and strong before we can achieve great things.

Therefore, in my study and work, I am persistent and hard-working, with a spirit of never-ending.

Do you remember that it was you who gave me honesty and integrity?

When I was a child, I broke the corn with you, because I didn’t know the neighbours’land, so I broke their corn by mistake.

At that time, although no one knows, you apologized to your neighbor truthfully, and returned the broken corn as much as you could.

When I was young, I had a seed of honesty rooted in my heart and flowered and fruited.

Later, I never lied, never lied, very honest, with your influence is not irrelevant.

Thank you, Father. You taught me how to stand up.

Some people say that the older the more confused. Father, you are very open-minded, very wise, until old age, dying.

I joke that you always hurt your son and love your grandson. Let them rest for a while and let your son eat something. Why don\’t you let our daughter do that?

You don\’t forget in your confusion: the leaves will fall to the roots, they are your roots, you need to give them nutrients is the right way. Therefore, it is reasonable for you to love what you love and what you love.

You have two great-grandchildren, and you lack them. The day before my death, I also said to you secretly: Your granddaughter-in-law is unhappy because she is pregnant. You wisely said: What is it? Everyone\’s body is the same as boys and girls. I admire your enlightenment and marvel at your reason. Here, my father, I sincerely said: I will use my life to learn, until the reason is clear.

Thank you for your birthday badge. It makes me understand that you value human feelings most.

The first time you were hospitalized, after two days of unconsciousness in the hospital, your mother and aunt came to see you, and you always wiped your tears. I know that they are your relatives. You have the kinship of flesh and blood, the supreme kinship that is hard to give up. How can you leave them when the ghost door closes? Therefore, wiping tears has become a form of expression of your emotions, is the expression of your mind, from there, I know that emotions and people are particularly important. Thank you for letting me know all about it. Dear father, thank you very much!

You want to leave me, so as not to make me sad, you said to me, “You go to work!” I said, “Come and see you tomorrow.” You said “OK.” Unexpectedly, this walk will be a farewell. At that time, you, sitting on the bed, watching me take things to go, watching, I do not know your eyes become a farewell, otherwise, how can I walk so quickly?

Father, at any time, don’t become a burden on others, don\’t drag other people\’s hind legs, this is what you taught me.

I also want to customize a badge and a commemorative coin for you.