Beautiful snake lapel pins

Beautiful Snake Pins

Let’s design and make the snake enamel lapel pins and let the enamel pins tell you a beautiful story.

A few feet long cold light rolled out from the plain knife and glittered with blue light.

When even, one knife, two cuts, make three green snakes die.

Then there were two bangs, and the other two snakes were also bounced off by the white light mask on the big man.

And in the big man knife light a roll down, also cut into two sections too. The snake blood get in to the snake enamel.

Beautiful snake lapel pins

How to become a snake pin

These long blue snakes were defeated by the bearded man in a sunshine and showed their original shape, which was transformed by several clusters of green weeds.

The bearded man hummed and was continuing to rush into the grass. Suddenly his face moved and Park Dao stood in his place.

Behind him came the rustling sound, and two figures came in unison.

One of them was a slender young Taoist priest with a grey robe that looked a little shabby and a white horsetail in his hand.

The other man was a short, shrewd horseface man with bruises on his face and messy hair.

The bearded man did not speak. He pointed to the tall weeds in front of him. The tiny footprints in front of the weeds were still clearly visible. The three green snakes get into three beautiful snake lapel pins. Falling in the grass.

The big man picked it up and put it in his pocket. Go back and put three lapel pins together. Designed a beautiful snake enamel coin, you can sell a good price.