Batman enamel lapel pins

Batman Lapel Pins

Our batman enamel lapel pins are made from dye black or gold/silver plating metal, filled with black soft enamel color as the main background color.
Some are hard enamel color, according the clients’ custom requirements. We can custom design the lapel pins using your logo or personalized letters. And the order no minimum.

The soft enamel batman pins are our hot sell type.  People collect the different designs batman pins and wear when watching movies.

Who is the batman?

Bruce Wayne is Batman.
It’s the superhero of the American DC comic,
First appeared in the twenty-seventh phase of detective comics (May 1939).
Created by Bob Kane (Bob Kane) and Bill Finger (Bill Finger).
It’s the first superhero without superpower in the history of comics.
The Wayne family was born in one of the four big families in Gotham.

What is the key factors to design the Batman enamel lapel pins?

batman enamel lapel pins 03If fill enamel color for justice, it must be black. Batman black. So design the batman pins need to pay more attention to this main color.
Learn why batman is black man, you will design out better quality custom black enamel batman pin.

The tone of the movie character is sometimes different because of the difference in the theme.
The theme of Batman is dark,
So the hue is a little bit cold.
It also accords with the main color of the city of Gotham.

In Batman, the city of Gotham is sure everyone knows.
The archetype is the city of New York, which is famous for its crime.
As the absolute center of the US economy and trade,
In New York, the degree of prosperity, the density of the population and the degree of pollution are the one and the second.
And the building and rendering of the atmosphere in the Batman Series
The malpractice of this big city is annotated thoroughly.
Crime is everywhere,
Whether it is minor robbery, theft or rape,
Or a big, planned and artistic torture,
Or the delusions of the destruction of the city,
Crime is born in every corner of the city.

Base on that information, Better Finish Ltd, will design excellent custom design batman enamel pins for you, and we also design and make batman challenge coins, award medals for the clients.

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