Badminton pins keep you playing badminton.

Badminton pins keep you playing badminton.

Why should we design a badminton pins to motivate ourselves to stick to badminton?

Badminton is a very heavy sport.

Whether it\’s aerobic or anaerobic exercise,

It consumes a lot of calories each time, which is undoubtedly a good exercise for reducing fat.

However, fat reduction is a systematic project, which needs to be coordinated with diet and rest.

The same is true of his fat-losing exercises, such as the hottest running.

The body fat rate must be maintained in order to decrease.

Total calories consumed by body and exercise > calories eaten if you have just played badminton for two hours,

Then I had a super-carbohydrate night meal, which would only make me fat…

If you want to improve the efficiency of fat reduction, but do not want to lose the place of skin wrinkles,

If you don\’t want to regain weight loss, you need a systematic approach.

Badminton pins keep you playing badminton.

In the past few years, many colleagues and players often came to me to share their experience in entry-level badminton.

Every time I can only talk about a few odds and ends on the court, the effect is very little.

Make a public number (“Badminton Fitness Training Camp”) to share the pits I have trampled on in my previous entry badminton, and help the working people get into the small white fast entry badminton.

Adhere to the benefits of badminton:

1. You can meet many new friends, including beautiful women and handsome men. long

Girls who want to play badminton are generally in better shape, while boys who play badminton for a long time are handsome.

2. Adhere to badminton sport, with a healthy diet, you can make your body better.

Badminton is a comprehensive sport. It needs to run fast and swing vigorously.

It requires frequent activation of feet, concentration, breathing adjustment, brainpower and tenacious will.

If you play against a top player (note, a “top player”) in singles doubles,

It is a high-intensity intermittent exercise (with the effect of HIIT on reducing fat), before each ball landed.

You will run and swing with great intensity in a short time, and your heart rate will soar to a high level.

When picking up the ball and serving, you can breathe intermittently.