Badminton Enamel Lapel pins

Badminton Badge

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Why do so many people like badminton? Designing a badminton badge as a commemoration of the event is a good plan.

Do you know how many countries and regions in the world are playing badminton? Do you know how many scientists devoted to human health are studying the mystery of badminton? We can confidently say that badminton will become the first sport in the 21st century. If we can improve our interest in badminton, it will undoubtedly be a pleasure.

Badminton Enamel Lapel pins


Set Fitness, Competition and Entertainment as One

First of all, it has high exercise value. As a whole body sport, badminton has the characteristics of fast speed and variety, which determine that participants can benefit from the following aspects:

First, the muscles and joints of the whole body are activated, which improves the speed of movement and the ability of upper and lower limbs to move.

2. Develop responsiveness, sensitivity, coordination and operational thinking ability effectively.

Secondly, because of its obvious competitive characteristics and entertainment function, the sport has become an effective sport to cultivate courage, tenacity, resoluteness and other qualities, maintain youth vitality, and regulate nerves.


Enhancing Intelligence and Working Efficiency

Badminton is increasingly regarded as an excellent means to enhance intelligence, improve work efficiency and health care, medical treatment and rehabilitation.

An American scientist said, “If time permits and there is a suitable opponent as a trainer, then playing badminton is the best way to improve hand-eye coordination. The sport can benefit you a lot. It requires agile, complex actions and quick and decisive responses. It also has many subtleties, such as technology, overall coordination, rhythm and strategy, which require a high level of mental and physical ability. In the coexistence of expectation and pressure, the competition will fully reflect your extraordinary self-improvement and self-discipline, playing badminton is a good way to use your mind.

A professor at Shuntantan University in Japan said, “Badminton is the best exercise for the mind.