Badminton badge tells you how to lose weight

Badminton badge tells you how to lose weight

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In badminton, the shoulder is used when swinging the upper limb.

The muscles of the upper arm and forearm.

The forward and backward pedal, stride and jump movements can exercise the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves.

The abdominal, lumbar and back muscles involved in the rotation.

Make lean weight gain, and make the body remove excess fat.

As long as the intensity and time of movement are reasonably controlled,

After exercise, stretch and massage the legs properly.

There\’s no need to worry about muscle legs.

When playing badminton, the legs move flexibly.

It not only burns fat, but also helps stretch and shape the legs.

Badminton badge tells you how to lose weight
Badminton is an all-body sport, which can thin all parts of the body.

Whether it\’s a regular badminton game or a general fitness activity,

They must move, jump, rotate and swing on the ground without stopping.

Reasonable use of all kinds of batting techniques and footwork to hit the ball back and forth on the court.

This increases the strength of upper limbs, lower limbs and waist muscles.

It speeds up the whole body blood circulation and enhances the functions of cardiovascular system and respiratory system.