Australia Enamel Lapel Pins

Australia Lapel Pins

Custom made Australia Enamel Lapel Pins come in jewelry finish to meet any need and suit any budget for the Australian market.  Most options are soft enamel, hard enamel and die struck pins. Available in individual gift boxes or soft pouches if required.

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What is the best sell Australia enamel lapel pin?

Australia Flag Pins:

Australian enamel lapel pins

We supply a variety of creative metal crafts including Australia flag pins and all over the worlds countries flag pins.

We can sell separately, also a mixed batch is supported.

Descriptions:Australia flag pin lapel pins free shipping

Material: Iron +Brass Plating

Backing: Butterfly button

Size: 19*16 mm

Package: 1pc/poly bag

Feature: Many years of production experience, mature craft, reliable quality and consideration service.

Customized logo free artwork and design, all size and material are welcome!   OEM/ODM metal crafts are welcome.

Why is there a British flag in the Australian flag?

Because they were once colonized by the British Empire. Now it’s the Commonwealth.

If you have a chance to see the maps of every country in nineteenth Century, you will find it.

In fact, setting up national flags in the upper left corner of the colonies, which can not be referred to as the flag, could be called a popular, or practice, at that time.

It is not only Britain, but France and other Western powers.

There may be dozens of the total. Only a few of the Commonwealth countries still retain this tradition.

It was because the former colonial system existed only in the Commonwealth, and it was only nominal.

Which Features not good for Australia Enamel Lapel Pins?

To make the custom lapel pins for Australia market gifts, it is better to avoid the 13 number and yellow color.

Australia passes western etiquette. Taboo number “13”. See “Friday of 13 days” as an ominous day. Taboo rabbit and rabbit pattern (regarded as unlucky animal).

Like kangaroos, Lyrebird and Acacia flowers pattern.

Don’t send chrysanthemums, azaleas, pink and yellow flowers.

Australians generally do not love peppery, and do not eat sea cucumbers.

I like sour sweet taste. Like China Huaiyang, Zhejiang cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Beijing cuisine.

Australians have a strong sense of equality.

In communication, we should pay attention to the same view.

Don’t favour one more than another.

One person in a taxi must sit side by side with the driver in order to show respect.

Pay attention to date punctuality.

Advocating self-confidence, to not comment on its domestic affairs, also don’t say “modesty” courtesy.

Don’t give a thumbs up for praise. Don’t blink to people.

Above acknowledges maybe help you to design custom gifts for Australians.

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