The auspicious implication of chicken enamel pins

Chicken enamel pins

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Why should we eat chicken for New Year’s Eve dinner? The implication of eating chicken for New Year’s Eve dinner

Every New Year’s Eve dinner always has chicken, duck and fish as hard dishes.

Of course, when I was young, I thought these were delicious.

But every year, it’s the same. There’s a lack of novelty.

So why eat chicken for New Year’s Eve dinner? What is the meaning of eating chicken for New Year’s Eve dinner?

The article answers for you.

The auspicious implication of chicken enamel pins

The Implication of Chicken Emblem for Chinese New Year

Chicken and “auspicious” homophonic, has always been auspicious, evasive, festive symbols.

The ancients summed up the five virtues of Chicken: literary, military, brave, benevolent and credible.

That is to say, “the head is crowned with a text, and the foot is martial.

The enemy is brave in fighting in front of him, benevolent in calling each other when he sees food, and credible in keeping watch at night.

Therefore, this German chicken played an important role in the New Year’s Eve dinner.

In many parts of China, there is a “chicken is not present” custom, which symbolizes “everything is lucky”.

What\’s more, it coincides with the Year of the Chicken. Eating chicken on New Year’s Eve symbolizes the good fortune of the coming year.

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It is said that chickens are Japanese and Chinese birds.

Chickens crow and sunrise, bring light, can expel demons and monsters.

According to textual research, Dong Xun of the Jin Dynasty said in his Answer to Questions and Customs that the first day of the first lunar month is Chicken Day, and the first day of the first lunar month paints Chicken at the door.

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, chicken became the object of eliminating evil spirits in door paintings.

The Southern Dynasty Zongpurlin’s Jingchu Sui Shi Ji also contains “the first day of the first month of the first lunar month…

Stick a picture of chicken households, hanging reeds on top of them, peach inserts near them, ghosts fear it.

These ancient legends about chickens have always influenced modern people.

Moreover, modern people believe that “chicken” and “Ji” are homophonic.

This also makes people place more auspicious feelings on chickens.

During the Spring Festival in Hubei Province, chicken soup is a symbol of peace and tranquility.

“Who will eat chicken feet?” Whoever earns the most money in the family will eat it.

The moral can be to grab some money back.

The Meaning of Chicken Enamel Pins for People of Different Generations

Chicken wings should be reserved for children.

It means that children have a pair of wings, they can fly higher and farther.

Chicken head and buttocks should be given to Grandpa at home. Chicken head represents the leader.

Grandpa is the head of the family. Chicken buttocks are the richest meat on the chicken, so they should be given to the eldest grandpa.