Audrey Hepburn Enamel Pins

Audrey Hepburn Enamel Pins

Beauty, good temperament, kindness, angel general, is the vast majority of people, Audrey Hepburn on our badge, is the best evaluation. We make custom Hepburn enamel pins at cheap price. The custom Hepburn coins also no minimum order.

Know the beauty on the badge, or when she appeared in “Roman Holiday”, she was moved by her beauty. Modern women can not do Audrey Hepburn, nor need Hepburn’s perfection, and in fact, even Hepburn himself does not need “perfection”. After all, Hepburn once said, “Of course I won’t try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.

At that time, only 24-year-old Hepburn, the first actress, almost true to nature, the film’s Anne is the princess of small European countries, noble and elegant, beautiful and charming, real life Hepburn is also the European aristocracy, elegant temperament, outstanding appearance.

The character in Roman Holiday conquered critical American audiences for Hepburn, and people rushed to buy and print various emblems of Hepburn’s head. Hepburn used her youth and elegance to open a way for women to be the queen of the movie. Despite the different roles, Hepburn is as cute, elegant and charming as she is on the screen. She is the best person to fall in love with the male protagonist.

It is for this reason that in Hepburn’s acting career, almost all the roles she can be remembered are the same, but people still like her. Men are eager to have such a perfect woman, and women are more eager to be such a perfect woman. Let’s customize our Audrey Hepburn badge.