Athena Enamel Pins

Athena Enamel Pins

Athena is the patron saint of Athens and the goddess of wisdom. It was carved of silver marble, partially inlaid with ivory and gold. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Byzantine Empire. Here’s Athena’s brooch. Our custom enamel pins at cheap price no minimum order. Custom coins also at cheap price.

In this goddess brooch, she wore a battle helmet, a long Greek dress, bra and armor adorned with serpentine trim and human head; her bare arms, through the thin skirt can be seen rich and powerful body; skirt pleats and ornaments caused by the dense changes in vertical lines; her gestures may be holding spears and brackets, the whole image rich in feminine tenderness. And full of life.

The most surprising thing about the brooch is that a graceful, stubborn and beautiful goddess jumped out of her split head, shining and graceful. It is said that she has the power of Zeus. She is the cleverest goddess and the perfect combination of wisdom and power.

In this myth, Athena’s birth is described from the perspective of patriarchy.

Athena seems to be the continuation of Zeus and the executor of Zeus’will. She was Zeus in action. The identity of Metis’s mother was gradually blurred, as if Athena had been born by Zeus alone. Zeus gained wisdom from Athena as he had from Metis in the past. Athena is not only the most important god in Olympus mythology, but also as important as Zeus. There are owls and snakes on our Athena brooch. They are the symbols of Athena.