Anxi Coach’s Enamel Pins

Dunk master

Anxi Coach’s Enamel Pins

The white-haired devil in this badge is the kind father of Xiangbei High School and the teacher of students, coach Anxi.

Coach Anxi is a basketball coach of Xiangbei High School. He is very fat, calm, optimistic and highly accomplished in basketball. The Fattest Man in our badge is him.

Anxi Coach's Enamel Pins

He often said, “Never give up until the end. If you give up, the game will be over in advance.”

His words are also written in coach Anxi’s badge. Coach Anxi’s basketball background is very simple. When he was a Japanese national player, he became a famous basketball coach in university. Because of some personal matters, he came to the North Hunan School and became a kind father respected by everyone.

One of coach Anxi’s characteristics is that he has very few words in the game. He only gives a simple arrangement at the critical moment. No matter what happens on the court, he can keep calm and calm. Coach Anxi not only made Mitsui prodigal son look back, but also clearly saw the amazing potential of Sakura and Liuchuan Maple.

He focused on cultivating and encouraging cherry trees to help him develop and make smash rebounds and craft badges. In such a story badge dominated by young people, coach Anxi is a beacon for them, so that every beating youth is no longer confused.