Antique Lapel Pins Without Enamel

Antique Pins

Antique finish lapel pins result when our rich jewelers bronze or nickel silver plated brass (your choice) is finished. Most antique pins without the enamel color. But we also can add the soft enamel or hard enamel color in the lapel pins with antique finish if the clients required that. All the antique lapel pins with a patina, an antique finish. Union Made Lapel Pins Crafted in the China factory.

About the antique pins

Key Features

The antique procedure offers improved detail and complexity.

Best Uses

Since Die Struck Antique pins appear to be like a valuable metal stick, they are impeccable to give as honors, an organization commemoration or as a blessing.

How It’s Made?

Every custom lapel stick is plated with an antique complete of your decision and after that the dim raised zones are finished abandoning them lighter while the recessed foundation territories stay dim.

Generation time: 15-20 business days after workmanship endorsement.

Big order antique pins.

Antique Lapel Pins Without Enamel

To save the antique pins cost for big order. Our process have one key important way which can save huge plating cost. That is why our antique lapel pins are at competitive cheap price in the market.

Call our sales to get the best antique lapel pins price. That will save your budget or will let you earn more profit from the projects.

Not only the antique pins, we also make cheap antique coins, custom design antique medals.

What is the material for cheap antique pins?

The cheap pins won’t be produced one by one by hand, it is produced by the machine fast and lots of pins made together. So easy to cause little dots on the soft material surface.

To avoid this, we use the hard steel. Antique pins most are brushed and won’t be easy noticed the small dots. Even have some dots, that will let the pins more antique like.