Animal Enamel Lapel Pins

Animal Pins

Custom make and wholesale the animal enamel lapel pins for your personalized designs, no minimum order at cheap factory price.

We make the custom animal pins using following different styles process.

  1. Die struck
  2. High relief 3D design.
  3. Soft enamel
  4. Hard Enamel

Everybody has a most loved animal. Perhaps you respect the speed of a cheetah, the beauty of a tiger, or the sheer size of an elephant. Or on the other hand, perhaps your most loved creature is your adored family pet. Whatever your most loved is, our broad determination of creature pins has you secured!

Antique Snail Lapel PinsBetter Finish Ltd, produce and wholesale any Animal Enamel Lapel Pins for you or your stores.

Our gathering of Animal lapel pins are intended to please creature admirers of all stripes! Utilizing point by point stamps, multifaceted polishes, and brilliant hues, we steadfastly reproduce a considerable lot of the more mainstream species. Have you generally thought sharks were the coolest? Attempt our terrifying shark stick. Or on the other hand do you cherish the excellence of a butterfly? Look at our Monarch Butterfly Pin. Regardless of whether your most loved creature runs, swims, flies, or creeps.

Our creature pins make culminate presents for creature sweethearts or for experts in the creature world. Give a companion their most loved creature stick for their birthday, or give workers of an aquarium, zoo, or veterinary practice a stick as a reward for great execution. Creature pins are in-stock things, so they can be transported rapidly for a minute ago blessing needs.

How to order the animal enamel lapel pins from your company?

  1. Show us your animal design or sample pictures.
  2. We will quote it and send the custom proof for your approval.
  3. Production start after payment.
  4. Shipping to your hand directly from Factory by DHL.

How much it may cost for small order animal enamel lapel pins?

Bears Animal Enamel Lapel Pins

  1. For 50pcs it cost about US$95
  2. The 100pcs one inch pins cost about US$135.
  3. For big order will have much more discount price.

That price include all the cost of the production and delivery cost to your hand.

We not only make the custom lapel pins, but also make the custom coins and custom medals no minimum order.