Alphabet Letter Lapel Pins

Alphabet Letter Pins

Alphabet Letter Pins Made from different material. This type pins most are cast from jeweler’s metal and plated in silver or gold. Our powerful workers use hand polish every unit. To insure a smooth mirror like surface finish. Each lapel pin includes a butterfly clutch back to fix fasten it to your clothes. 

We make and wholesale alphabet letter lapel pins cheap price, no minimum order. All varsity letter pins available at factory price.  The varsity letter pins and bars most plated 18k gold.

Gold Letter G Lapel Pin

Gold Letter G Lapel Pin

Letter Pins Features:

Size: 1 inch – 2 inch.

Material: Iron, Zinc alloy, Bronze, Cooper.

Plating: Gold, Silver.

Backside: Butterfly clutch, safe pins, magnets.


Custom letter designs were created to be metal letter shaped lapel pins for the garments like jacket pins.

The most hot sell lapel pins are gold letter pins, silver letter pins, rhinestone letter pins

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