Akira Akira Badge

Dunk master

Akira Akira Badge

Akiko Akimura’s badge is the female character in Japanese animation “Dunking Master”. It is the younger sister of Akimu Gangxian, a senior high school student and basketball captain in northern Hunan.

Every boy who plays basketball has a Akira. Akira first appears on the stage and is secretly loved by the hero Akira Blossom Road. When he finds that Akira is different from ordinary people’s physical quality, he is introduced to the North Hunan Basketball Team because of a magical kinetic badge. Sakura is an important motive force for playing basketball well, and Liuchuan Maple is a secret lover. Eventually, a weekly communication relationship was established with the injuring cherry tree.

Akira Akimura is kind and lovely, simple and mindless. She is a brilliant character in Slam Dunker. On December 3, 2004, the total sales of Akamu Qingzi badges exceeded 10 million, which shows that Akamu Qingzi’s popularity is very hot.

Akira Akira Badge

Hirohiko Inoue is the background of the story of “Dunkers”. The abandoned school building of Sanzaki High School in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, spent four days chalking the blackboards of 23 classrooms, describing the end of the national competition of “Dunkers”. Ten days later, the situation, the direction and development of each badge character, and the vivid image.

Every character in a dunk master’s influence has surpassed a simple comic book. Hirohiko Inoue lets generations of teenagers begin to fall in love with Akioki, basketball and dunk master badges from his works, so that many children eventually devote themselves to this sport.

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