2017 Union lodge #291 gold pins

Lodge Pins

The freemasonry is literally “free Mason” (English: Free-Mason). People sometime call it Free and Accepted Masons. It appeared in England in eighteenth Century. As a religious fraternity organization, it is the largest secret organization in the world.

Personnel framework:
Worshipful Master,Senior Warden, Junior Warden,Treasurer,Secretary,Deacons, Stewards, Tyler.
Each position have their personal custom lapel pins.

We make most Mason lodge pins using die struck material, soft enamel colors.

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The Free masonry has developed globally. There is no global center. The freemasonry is divided into two level organizations: the club and the general assembly. The name of the club is the combination of the number and place name of Arabia. The association is the highest form of the Masonic organization, and the relations between the clubs are equal. In the spread of many years, there will be some differences between the articles of association and the ceremonies.

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